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Bungee Retention Adapter

Bungee Retention Adapter

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We're big fans of kydex based magazine retention from companies like Esstac. At the same time, for airborne or maritime operations, bungee retention is required. There are also other situations where bungee retention is advisable. 

Some magazine carriers, do not include built in loops or points to secure bungee retainers, so we created Bungee Retention Adapters.

There are several design features that make our adapters unique:

  • They work inside of pouches, like Esstac KYWIs that do not have hook/loop interfaces on both sides
  • By passing underneath the insert, they provide superior retention to solutions that just mount to the sides of the pouch.
  • We utilize high quality hook/loop to ensure retention and robust Cordura® webbing attachment points for durability

Sizing Guide:

  • Measure the height of your pouch or placard to determine the size you need. The standard heights we offer correspond to the three Esstac sizes as well as most other major pouches and placards on the market e.g. Spiritus Systems, Ferro Concepts, Shaw Concepts, Crye Precision, etc. 
  • If your pouch is not S, M, or T, select Custom. 

The color refers to the exposed portion of the Bungee Retention Adapter, which is the webbing portion that the shock cord runs through. We offer Bungee Retention Adapters in Black and Coyote Brown, which will compliment all the major colorways. We recommend the following:

  • Black Pouch:
    • Bungee Retention Adapter: Black
  • Ranger Green Pouch:
    • Bungee Retention Adapter: Black
  • Wolf Gray Pouch:
    • Bungee Retention Adapter: Black
  • Multicam® Pouch:
    • Bungee Retention Adapter: Coyote Brown
    • Coyote Brown Pouch:
      • Bungee Retention Adapter: Coyote Brown


    • Q: Do these adapters work with XYZ carrier or pouch?
    • A: As long as the carrier or pouch has hook/loop on at least one side of the inside these will work.
      • Q: Do you offer the Bungee Retention Adapter in XYZ color or pattern?
      • A: We're constantly looking to evolve our offering, but if you would like something custom, please contact us and we can probably accommodate you.
      • Q: Do these work without kydex inserts, for example, my placard has an elastic insert to hold magazines?
      • A: Yes, as long as your pouch has hook/loop these will work. Any insert that has hook/loop on at least one side will work them as well.
      • Q: What's the difference between pistol and rifle Bungee Retention Adapters?
      • A: Pistol are 1" wide and Rifle are 2" wide - this is to match with industry standard pouches.
      • Q: Will these retain other items such as multi-tools, tourniquets, etc?
      • A: Yes, the High Grip Bungee Retainers are adjustable to the amount of tension you need for your application.
      • Q: Are the High Grip Bungee Retainers included?
      • A: Yes!

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