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Chem Keepers

Chem Keepers

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If you use chem lights in tactical or field settings you've probably experimented with a variety of ways to carry them. We think the best way is on keychain cables.

Keychain cables, when routed through the eye of the chem light will slice through the plastic when it's time to deploy the chem with a simple pull. This method works better than using 550 cord. Additionally, by preparing your chem bundles on keychain cables, you can simply clip them into one of our Utility Hooks or a D Ring on your kit, changing out your loadout based on mission requirements. 

Chem Keepers come with 6" keychain cables and high strength, UV resistant EPDM rubber bands, sold in pairs, five packs, and 10 packs.


  • Q: How many chem lights can I fit on a keychain cable?
  • A: We recommend carrying up to 8 per keychain cable. You can fit more, but it gets a bit crowded.
  • Q: Will the rubber band fit around 8 chem lights?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: How do I ensure the keychain cable doesn't come undone? 
  • A: Crank it tight and wrap a small piece of electrical tape over the connection. This second step is not required, but two is one...

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