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Helo Lanyard Hanger

Helo Lanyard Hanger

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For end users who wear a helo lanyard on their belt, the Helo Lanyard Hanger offers a simple, secure, and practical way to clip the lanyard in when not in an aircraft.

The Helo Lanyard Hanger works with any battle belt that has PALs/Molle. The elastic portion of the hanger securely holds the hook in place.

We prefer to place the Helo Lanyard Hanger at the 8 o'clock position (as worn) on the belt. This keeps a secured helo lanyard tucked under the belt and completely out of the way when on the move.

When your helo lanyard is secured to the aircraft, the low profile of the Helo Lanyard Hanger doesn't present a snag hazard unlike looped 550 cord commonly used on belts.   


  • Q: Will the Helo Lanyard Hanger work with the helo lanyard I have?
  • A: The Helo Lanyard Hanger works with any helo lanyard that has a carabiner or other style hook at the end including common ones such as Yates Helo Lanyards, Fusion Helo Retention Lanyard CYB, and Blackhawk Helo Lanyards. If you're unsure, feel free to message us on our contact page with a picture of your helo lanyard.



  • Berry Compliant

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