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High Grip Bungee Retention Kit

High Grip Bungee Retention Kit

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Bungee retention is critical for keeping magazines, radios, and other essentials in your kit. Additionally, if you conduct airborne or maritime operations these are mandatory.

We utilize a high grip, hydrophobic material for the pull tabs and sew them with a design that keeps the pull tabs vertical making them easier to index under low light or wet conditions.

The High Grip Bungee Retention Kit works across all major plate carrier, chest rig, magazine pouch and placard designs used throughout the industry.

The kit can be bought in singles, three packs, or four packs.

  • Q: Do you offer the High Grip Bungee Retention Kit in XYZ color or pattern?
  • A: Due to the materials that we use, these are only available in Black and Coyote Brown for the foreseeable future.
  • Q: Is the bungee long enough to retain XYZ item?
  • A: Yes, each length of shock cord is 18", which is more than enough for any application we've seen. Most users will end up cutting down the bungee, but we include extra to give you options. 


  • 18" shock cord
  • Berry Compliant
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