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Ruck Strap Keepers

Ruck Strap Keepers

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If you carry a ruck, you probably know that you shouldn't let your extra straps dangle in the wind. 

The two most common ways of dealing with extra length are to 1) tape the straps with 100MPH Tape/Electrical tape or 2) rubber band the extra length. If you don't need to adjust your straps often, both solutions work pretty well and the Ruck Strap Keepers are not for you.

In our experience, some ruck straps need to be adjusted fairly frequently based on the ruck's load. To solve this we sew a small piece of elastic webbing to Velcro® Brand One Wrap. Simply slide your ruck strap through the elastic, roll up the extra length, and secure it with the One Wrap.

The Ruck Strap Keepers fit tight on the straps and will not come off unless you want them too. 

  • Q: Do the Ruck Strap Keepers work on straps that are smaller or larger than 1"?
  • A: No, these are designed for 1" ruck straps (typical size across most rucks). If you want a custom thickness, contact us for a quote.

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