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Tubular nylon is a versatile tool with a wide range of applications and is widely carried by military, law enforceme...



Tubular nylon is a versatile tool with a wide range of applications and is widely carried by military, law enforcement, and first responders. Currently, most end users carry tubular nylon either in a zippered pouch or rubber banded onto their plate carrier. 

From our experience, and the experience of our end user test & evaluation group, these two methods are suboptimal because they either make it difficult to access the tubular nylon or don't adequately protect it from snag hazards.

To solve these issues, we created the TNT Pouch™ (Tubular Nylon Tube Pouch). A first of its kind pouch that's a hybrid dangler/MOLLE mountable, offering maximum end user flexibility. 

Features & Specs:

  • 2 MALICE clips included with each TNT Pouch™
  • Purpose built to carry up to 40' of tubular nylon (rolled or s-folded)
  • Dangler or MOLLE mountable configuration
  • Squadron® laminate MOLLE column for enhanced durability and weight reduction
  • Durable and oversewn construction can support a wide range of applications
  • 3oz weight
  • 4"x12" pouch configuration
  • Made in the USA, Berry compliant

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    • Q: Does the TNT Pouch™ require special hardware to mount?
    • A: No, the  TNT Pouch™ mounts as either a dangler or via a MOLLE column. Each pouch comes with 2 MALICE Clips, but other MOLLE technologies will work. We have also heavily used zip ties to attach the TNT Pouch™ to places where there isn't a full MOLLE column (such as the side of a back panel) and it works great.
    • Q: Can the  TNT Pouch™ only be used to carry tubular nylon?
    • A: No, during T&E end users carried strip charges, garments, and breaching tools in the TNT Pouch™. We fully expect our customers to find more, useful ways to implement this solution.
    • Q: Can the  TNT Pouch™ be implemented with other danglers?
    • A: Yes, we have found that the  TNT Pouch™ works well as a second dangler with pouches like the Ferro Concepts Roll 1™ Trauma Pouch and Spiritus Systems SACK Pouch. Because of its dimensions, 30' of tubular nylon lays flat and doesn't impede the function or form of other danglers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    As described and well made.


    Well made and holds the item out of the way in multiple configurations. Solid.


    Great product, great construction! I use mine for emergency webbing!

    Well thought out design

    I have kept tubular nylon on my kit for years, but it was always a pain to store or to deploy quickly. This solved those problems. The hook and loop section works perfectly on the bottom of the ice plate pouch keeping it above bottom of my plate carrier so I can access the webbing from either side. It stores webbing discretely and deploys easily and quickly.

    I can also see it holding a DC linear charge as well.



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