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Utility Hook

Utility Hook

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The idea for the Forge Concepts Utility Hook came from our need to have a secure way to carry chem lights, gloves, and other gear on our belts in a way that would not come off no matter what kind of foliage or terrain we had to patrol through.

The Utility Hook utilizes a made in the USA type 723 sling hook (stronger hook gate closure ensures you won't lose what you're carrying) attached via extremely strong Cordura® webbing secured to a two sided hook & loop strap. The strap is designed to thread through a belt's MOLLE/PALS webbing and then wrap around securing back to itself. The Utility Hook can also be attached to MOLLE/PALS or to other hook & loop interfaces for example on plate carriers.
The result is a hook that will not come off of your gear no matter what you snag it on. 
Each Utility Hook comes with two Chem Keeper rings, which we think are the best way to carry chem lights on your kit.
The Utility Hook is also commonly used to carry gloves and other pieces of gear on the user's kit. 

As with all Forge Concepts products, the Utility Hook is Berry Compliant:  Made in the USA with Made in the USA materials.
  • Q: Will the Utility Hook work with my brand of battle belt e.g. Ronin Tactics, Blue Force Gear, Lead Devil, AXL Advanced Eclipse, Grey Ghost Gear UGF, T.Rex Arms Speed Belt, Subsecond Operator etc?
  • A: Yes, the Utility Hook will work across all major types of battle belts including ones with reversed hook/loop like the GBRS Assaulter and the Eagle Industries Operator Gun Belt.
  • Q: Why do the Multicam® Utility Hooks not utilize Multicam hook?
  • A: Multicam® hook is not something currently produced domestically, so we utilize coyote brown hook, which is the industry standard. 
  • Q: Can I use the Utility Hook on my plate carrier, chest rig, etc by securing the hook/loop to my placard or carrier?
  • A: Yes, the Utility Hook is commonly used for this application as well.

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