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Holster Leg Strap

Holster Leg Strap

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The idea for this solution was born from watching our teammates constantly adjust or undo their issued holster leg straps for comfort while on multi-day missions.

If you wear your duty holster on a drop system such as the Safariland Mid-ride, True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter (MHA), S&S Precision Holster Extender, Guardian Warrior Solutions Bang Hanger, etc you know that you should probably wear a leg strap for added retention.
The current products on the market are typically made purely from elastic, which gets uncomfortable after extended use causing hot spots, clothes to bunch up, and pressure spots. Other nylon leg straps on the market don't have enough stretch and flexibility for duty use.
We also wanted a way to mount the leg strap lower, but the products on the market that offered this either require a specialized adapter or are only available in thick, elastic material.
Forge Concepts Holster Leg Strap features:
  • Features 3 inches of elastic webbing offering the perfect mix between flexibility and retention
  • 1" wide reduces unnecessary compression and hot spots from extended use without compromising retention 
  • High quality webbing is used to ensure comfort, avoid excess rubbing, and to avoid bunching up of clothing from extended use - this leg strap will not cause chafing even on extended foot movements. Simply put, this is the most comfortable holster leg strap on the market
  • Heavy duty grommet allowing direct mounting of the leg strap through the lowest hole on your drop system (can also be sandwiched behind your holster or QLS plate directly)
  • Adjustable to the exact amount of retention you want
  • 35" at maximum size 
  • Available with ITW Nexus side release or AustriAlpin Cobra®FM buckles
  • Berry Compliant: Made in the USA with Made in the USA materials
    • Q: Does the leg strap require special hardware to mount?
  • A: No, the standard 1/2" or 3/8" screws that come with your holster or QLS plate will work perfectly. We also include an extra 1/2" screw with each leg strap, just in case you need one.
  • Q: Why is there some color variation between the elastic webbing and the nylon webbing in Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, and Wolf Gray?
  • A: The dying process used by manufacturers to create milspec colors leads to some variations in shading. All our materials are made in the USA with made in the USA raw materials. The variations from lot to lot are all within industry standard and are to be expected.
  • Q: Do you offer the leg strap in XYZ color or pattern?
  • A: We're constantly looking to evolve our offering, but if you would like something custom, please contact us and we can probably accommodate you.
  • Q: Does the leg strap work without a QLS plate?
  • A: Yes, all you need is a drop leg system (UBL, MHA, etc) and a holster. 
  • Q: My leg is bigger than 35" around, do you offer a longer leg strap?
  • A: Please reach out on our contact us form and we will be happy to sew you a larger size. Be sure to include the size you need in the contact us form.
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